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Our Mii Plaza:

Welcome over too Mii3DS! Here we can exchange Mii's Using QR codes... Just open your Mii Channel on the 3DS and click "QR Code/Image Options", to receive a Mii using QR codes click "Scan QR Code". For a Quick example scan, try mine by clicking Here! Any other questions email me at:


or leave a Comment here on the front page!

Mii Pages:

Justin's Mii Page



Mii Help:

How do I create my own QR scan and Pic?

How do I post here?

Enter our Local Mii Plaza Settings

Comments (3)

Mii Justin said

at 6:43 pm on Apr 29, 2011

Any other confusing things I need to clear up with ya, just let me know so I can add it to "Mii Help"...

Mii Justin said

at 7:35 pm on May 1, 2011

Before creating your own Mii Page, read the comments I made on "Justin's Mii Page"...

Mii Justin said

at 12:01 am on Jun 8, 2011

Yes, the 3DS update is now here... I have it myself. Infact, I'm making this comment on it right now! Hope you enjoy the Updates!

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